Terms of use

                                                                 General terms and conditions of use of the BSP website.lv

1) the Ad must be placed in the appropriate category
Not relevant or partially relevant section of the ad will be deleted.

2) you Cannot post multiple ads with the same content 
or containing more than one point offer a service or product: 
Examples: "Phones" at the best prices", "Continental Winter tires of all sizes."
Each ad is allowed to publish only offer one particular product or service.

3) Ads can be placed only in Russian, Latvian or English
containing the Russian text typed in transliteration, these ads will be deleted.

4) Ads must write clearly and legibly.
It is impossible to write in LARGE letters, a n d R e W and a t s text 
to use a different singlely, either single words or parts of words, special characters, extra spaces, dots, 
the same set of pointless or not related to the content of the ads.
Sell ...NEW... bike =YaMaHa= or "Rent an Apartment At a reasonable PRICE." 

5) Placing an advertisement,please complete all the fields below to provide the required view 
about the product or service you offer.
In the fields incorrectly filling with invalid or incorrect information, or Mat, 
such ads will be deleted.

6) Containing the first line of the ad words Campaign- -Sale- -Special - offer-Unique prices- 
Super offer, Attention, New and other marketing speech words intended to attract attention 
users to the ad. banned!

7) does Not accept illegal ads containing text or graphic content.
Contrary to morality, abusive or deceptive. 

8) the Announcement will be removed!
If ads targeted to collect information about users, or
which receive multiple complaints, which require full, 
or partial prepayment for goods or services.

9) the Announcement will be removed! 
if required work in video chats, erotic photos and video, 
on the provision of sex services in any form, of earnings in the Internet through registrations, clicks, 
or other questionable activities.About distribution of medicines, cigarettes, alcohol 
(excluding trading) of controlled medications, dangerous or harmful products and substances. 
As well as proposing counterfeit goods or goods of illicit origin

10) the Announcement will be removed!
With the offer of services of an occult nature, astrology, divination, 
on the collection of contributions, donations, contributions, and other investments in any form. and so on.

11) the Administrator of the site bsp.lv removed all ads listed from (1) through (11) paragraph.

12) the User assumes full responsibility for the content of posted ads and reliability 
of information specified in it as before the Baltic classifieds portal bsp.lv and to third parties.
The administration of Sait bsp.lv as well as the owner of the site bsp.lv is not responsible for the content of ads.

13) the administration of the portal bsp.lv has the discretion to move or delete ads without explaining their actions.

14) Baltic portal ads bsp.lv provides the right to honest users to place ads on time 
these when posting. By submitting the advertisement, the user agrees to the terms and conditions of use of the bsp website.lv

15) Changing or amending the ads, contact data, after the beginning of the publication - it is impossible.

16) the terms and conditions of provision of Sait ads bsp.lv 
can be changed, added or corrected and become effective since the publication on the website. 

Date: 15.11.2020 With respect to bsp.lv administration.